Lefebvre Small Engine.

We service all of eastern Ontario and western Québec with the largest selection of power and outdoor tools for any type of work, farming or home use.

From Hawkesbury, Embrun, Cornwall and everywhere in between, we offer the widest selection of chainsaws, tractors, trimmers, mowers and other power equipment for all kinds of jobs.

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Abbreviation Label    
AS Assortment   KT Kit   BD Bundel
LB Pound   BG Bag   LG Length
BX Box   LR Litre   CD Card
PA Pail   CF Hundred Feet   PD Pad
CFT Cubic Feet   PK Pack   CL Coil
PR Pair   CN Can   PRS Paris
CS Case   RL Roll   CT Carton
SF Square Foot   DS Display   SQ Hundred Square
EA Each   ST Set   FT Foot
SY Square Yard   JR Jar   YD Yard
K 1,000   LF Linear Feet   KM2 Square Kilometre